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Paul Potts – Prosperity Now Manifested

Ladies and Gentlemen Paul demonstrates what happens when we follow our inspired self which is available to all of us. We many not be inspired to be a performer but we are nevertheless inspired to manifest our pure potentiality.

Consider Paul Potts. He appears to be an ordinary man. His apperance says he is not monetarily properous. One of the judges uses the word frog as part of her description. When you see the video you will instantly know this man is blessed and set aside his fears to bring himself to us.

Paul Potts loves to sing.  He studied music and was coached in a school founded by a very famous singer. Many parts of his life have been particularly difficult. In spite of those difficulties, he has an absolute love and passion for singing. While he had been in a few non-descript performances, Paul simply needed to make money to support him and his wife.

He was working selling cell phones when he learned about the try outs for American Idol in Great Britain. He knew he was very nervous in front of a crowd and so he didn’t think he could do it. In fact he wanted to go but he was afraid.  But there it was – the love of singing  – the inspiration inside and so he decided to flip a coin to see if he should go or not. The rest is history.

Enjoy the  video.

Steve Pohlit
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