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Why Is There Still So Much Pain?

If someone would have told me a year ago that I would be spending 15 to 20 hours a week researching material, attending classes, teaching classes focused on the theme The Law of Attraction I would have aggressive suggested the admit themselves for psychiatric evaluation. Now some who have known me think I am in need of such an evaluation.

My reality is that not long ago I began looking for answers as to why there was so much crap in my life. On top of that it seemed to me there was even more crap in those I observed and often read about.

In my research I found what seemed to be answers to being happy and manifesting all you dream and desire. I loved the books I was reading, the movies I watched, the inspirational stories and video clips. I thought surely I was going to be on top of the world with this information. But I wasn’t and I noticed nobody else seemed to be taking that coveted on top of the world spot even though the experts were appearing on Oprah, Late Night TV, Specials and more.

I am not always the fastest person to draw the connection. So it really wasn’t until recently that I started seriously asking the question: with technology delivering the message of The Secret and Enlightened thinking and with churches like I now attend delivering messages on the principles of prosperity in all areas of our life to increasingly larger numbers of people, why is it that there is still so much pain? Why is it that the divorce rate continues to climb? Why is it that parents abandon their repsponsibility in increasing numbers? Why is it that our educational systems suck? Why is it that in America we have given up so much of our freedom?

I have the answer for me and I feel it is likely to be the answer for you. In a nutshell we are not taught how to change ourselves even though we are not manifesting all that we dream and desire which is the theme of The Law of Attraction. I refer to this change as a shift to a new consciousness.

The Prosperity Now Program I developed started out as simply a way for a small group of people to explore the principles of prosperity at a deeper level and experiment with a technique I developed to help all of us do that. The techinque is supported by my product The Prosperity Tool Chest.

During the course of the past three or four months of this program I began to realize just how significant this work has become. I also realized I had unlocked the code to The Law of Attraction. My most recent session title The Real Secret details the important lost link or at least ignored link. Read this material right now. You will be very happy you did.

May you manifest all your dreams and desires now
Steve Pohlit
Your Prosperity Messenger

The Fastest Way To Manifest Your Desires

(The following was written by Song Chengxiang who is the author of Quantum Mind Power  Song is very specific about the answer and gives it to us. Prosperity Now is the roadmap on how to achieve the answer. You are invited to read all the sessions that have been developed to date. I recommend starting with Unconditional Love then review all the topics as they are attracted to you. Steve Pohlit, Your Prosperity Messenger.)

“Is there a way to change your life condition, and manifest your desires at the fastest possible speed? YES! Definitely! There is a secret that can make you manifest your desires in the fastest possible way you can imagine. I am now going to share this secret with you. Once you master it, and apply it to your own life, you will never experience any struggle again. Your life will become magic. You can easily create the success you want, you can fulfill any desires in your life. Are you ready to know what this secrets is? Here it is:

The fastest way to manifest any desire is to think, speak and act as if it has already come true.

You may have heard of this in many different ways, but you never found a way to implement this into your own life. If so, this is because you never thought about how powerful this is, and you had doubts about it. Therefore you didn’t see the necessity for any action. Let me now help you to clear the doubts, so that you can use it with 100% confidence, and produce 100% results.

Before I do, I am going to say a few words on the concept of truth. “Truth is powerful.” Truth is the universal laws, it’s unchangeable, it has own organizing power within itself. As long as you know the truth, your level of awareness will automatically increase, and will never fall back again. Once you know the truth, you will totally shift your own perception, and you will see the world very differently. Your life will never be the same again. Our entire life is seeking for this truth. Some people are lucky, they easily discover the truth, and therefore they can enjoy a stress free live based on the truth. Some other people spend their entire lives struggling but never find the truth. Actually, truth is simple, you only need someone to tell you and you will immediately recognize it and wonder why you never thought about it before. I am now going to share a few simple truth behind this principle…

1. YOU already have what you want
You may have heard of that: “Before you ask, it is already given to you.” Have you ever thought of what this really means? You may think that this is another religious belief, but from a scientific point of view this is absolutely true. What it really means is that everything you desire, or anything you can possibly imagine, already exists in the cosmic field of all possibilities as a form of energy. The entire universe is a huge ocean of energy, this means you and I and everything else on this planet, including money, house, cars, or even the ideal soul mate you are looking for, are energy. What you may not know is that this energy acts to the command of the higher intelligence, which governs our entire universal system. What you may also not know is that you are part of this intelligence; you have every quality of the higher intelligence. Therefore you have the ability to command on the energy field. You can create literally anything you can imagine out of this cosmic energy field. Remember, “You are the creator of your own life.”
Since what you want is already given to you, it makes absolute sense to think, speak, and act as if all your desires have already come true.

 2. Feeling is the language of the higher intelligence.
Since you are part of the higher intelligence, why don’t you see any evidence that you are creating the life you desire? Why does life seem a never ending series of struggles? Why is your life still full of worries and anxiety? If you have any of these feelings, this is exactly the answer. What you feel, you create and manifest. The universe will never disappoint you. Whatever you ask, it will give to you. The problem is the universe does not speak English, or Chinese, or any other languages used by human beings. However, there is a universal language built into our body system even before we were born. This language is universal; so the universe can communicate with any one of us. This language is our feelings and emotions. We are communicating with the higher intelligence every single second since the minute we were born. The universe provides us everything we ask for according to our command. It is the ignorance and misuse of this powerful language that gives us so much struggle and unhappiness. Think about it, if the feeling is the language you speak to the universe, when you feel struggling and unhappy, how will the universe respond? It has no choice but to fulfill your command by giving you more struggle and unhappiness. It always satisfies you.
Now you understand no matter how miserable your current condition is, stop feeling miserable and unhappy, because if you do, you are telling the universe that you want more of misery and unhappiness. Instead, “Think, speak and act as if all your desires have already come true.” This will trigger the feeling that is consistent with your desires, hence pass your command into the universe, and bring it into reality with effortless ease. The universe will never disappoint you, only you do. Be careful what you feel, because you will attract more of it.

3.The Universe will take care of the details
Now I am asking you to “think, speak and act as if your desires have already come true.” You may ask me how you are going to make it so. You don’t have to worry, you will know exactly how at exactly the right time and the right place. The universe will take care of all the details. Your job is to tell the universe what you want through the universal language of feelings and emotions. Your emotion is a kind of energy with a certain frequency. It will go into the cosmic energy field, find the exact energy that matches the frequency of your emotions, and bring forth to you in the form of a book, a mentor, an opportunity, or a group of supporting people. It will find exactly what you need, but it is the job of the universe, it is already guaranteed by the universal law of attraction at the moment you send out your emotion. The only thing you need to do is to focus on you heart’s desires, feel what you should feel, see what you should see, hear what you should hear, even smell what you should smell, as if your desires have already come true. Let the universe orchestrate all the details.
I hope by now you have already cleared you doubts, as it is absolutely necessary for you to “think, speak, and act as if all your desires have already come true.” This is the fastest way to bring it into reality.

Cracking The Code of The Secret

I have the book and the DVD of The Secret. I have read The Secret twice and parts of it many more times than that. I have watched the DVD no less than three times. This is wonderful material. There are actually many other resources with similar or greater value and I have quite a library that goes back quite a number of years.

None of my work reading, listening and watching the lessons transformed my life. Sure my thinking was influenced but I was still in old consciousness.

That is not true today. My consciousness is now changing. I no longer have the same frequency of negative events and feelings. Since I am still in transition, my ego is successful in fooling me at times. But an increasing percentage of my day is in the state of new consciousness. Do I look any different? I don’t think so except my facial expressions increasingly reflect an inner peace. Have I lost my inner drive for knowledge and doing work that helps others as well as myself? Not at all. I am at peace with the outcome no matter what it is. Am l less interested in the abundance available to all of us from The Universe? If anything my dreams and desires list has expanded and I am calm knowing all and more will show up at the perfect time.

So what is different? How did my consciousness change? First I wanted it to change. I knew the path that I was on was not working. About three years ago I became real serious about manifesting my destiny. Manifest Your Destiny is a book authored by Wayne Dyer. Actually I didn’t have that written as a specific goal at that time, but now I know I am manifesting my destiny. The goal that I developed three years ago was simply to be a better person and candidly I wasn’t sure exactly what that meant. Now I do.

When a person begins to stir up an opportunity to develop within, all sorts of things begin to happen that you could not even imagine or plan for. That is what happened for me. Today I am sharing the journey including my most recent breakthrough. This discovery for me blows the doors off the vault to The Secret. We all want to experience the Law of Attraction. The key question is how do we really do that?

I am delighted you asked because I have what I know to be the answer. Guess what I am not telling you here. Read my latest work for my Prosperity Now session by Clicking Here You will have the answer. You will also have the number one tool to help you experience what is possible for you.

Now you know – the rest is up to you.

Steve Pohlit
Prosperity Messenger

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