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The Three Graces – A Marvelous Surprise

The Three Graces, guest perfomers with Paul Potts at the Tampa Theatre on March 2, 2008 were a wonderful gift. When Paul Potts announced his guests, I felt apprehensive as I really manifested tickets to his concert to Paul Potts sing.

Paul chose a group that was as opposite in appearance from him as night and day. Three very tall, absolutely gorgeous ladies visually perfect. My thought was “ok so even if they can’t sing that well they are marvelous to look at.”  And just like the judges reaction when Paul Potts said he was going to sing opera, I was stunned by the voices of The Three Graces – Sara Gettelfinger (Broadway), Kelly Levesque (POP)  and Joy Kabanuck (Opera). Their individual musical development backgrounds range from pop music to broadway theatre to opera with the result absolutely beautiful music.

Thank you ladies for enriching my life and I send to each of you and together the energy of health, happiness, unlimited success and true prosperity.

Why are thoughts about The Three Graces and Paul Potts posts to The Prosperity Roadmap blog?  Music is a very prosperous part of my being. Music assists me in being in my intended state of consciousness, one where I am connected to my Source. That unencumbered consciousness is the state I was in when the energy flowed to all the people involved in having the Paul Potts concert with The Three Graces in Tampa Bay, Florida. That consciousness also led me to iTunes where I am able to have the music of Paul Potts and The Three Graces nowN?oubliez pas cela, faites confiance aux statistiques!Par cons?quent, la meilleure strat?gie de party poker est de se fier aux math?matiques. at my finger tips. I am very grateful.

Did this all start with the impact of seeing a video clip of Paul Potts in church last fall? It goes much deeper than that and if you spend some of your energy understanding what is possible when we allow our true state to be the one we are in as we navigate the physical plane, I firmly believe you will also be grateful you did. I suggest you start лаптоп with mach-zehnderThe First Session of The Prosperity Now Program. This is out there for you, there is no charge and this material is only now being organized in a more formal fashion for a much larger audiance. It is yours today simply by clicking on the link.

May you experience peace, happiness, joy and prosperity all the time.

Steve Pohlit
Prosperity Messenger
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