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Paul Potts: “I Just Hoped I Could Do What I Love”

In the latest edition of The Prosperity Now program titled “Manifest Success and Abundance” there is guidance to pay close attention to your feelings. Strong passiate feelings, feelings of bliss are evidence of being directly connected to Your Source. Alternative feelings characterized as negative emotions are eveidence of disconnect. The Prosperity Tool Chest helps identify the causes of negative energy or blockages of the energy that comes from our Source. The Prosperity Tool is the foundation resource of The Prosperity Now program.

The following is a personal prosperity experience that manifested entirely because of payting attention to very powerful positive feelings. This experience began nearly seven months ago when a video clip lasting 3 minutes and 14 seconds was played in church. I was very moved by the story in that video and like everyone else in church clapped at the outcome. I wondered where I would find that to watch it again and share with others.

Like many other things that we are exposed to, that experience faded after a few weeks …..until a recent Saturday morning. This is where things get really interesting.

Nearly every Saturday morning I am at the gym for a half hour or so. At this particular gym there is a table where there are complimentaty newspapers and magazines often laying around. I have never ever stopped or even came close to that table in the years I have been going to that gym – unitl this particular Saturday March 1, 2008.

Walking by I noticed a picture of a band and a headline for the Stawberry Fesival that was starting. I wondered who was playing so I stopped for a glance. As I flipped through the paper looking for the festival event schedule wham!! there it was – an article about the gentlemen who was the feature of the video clip I had seen in church last fall. (Click Here To Watch That Video) Reading further I realized that this man was in concert in Tampa where I live and it was starting in less than 36 hours.

I arrived home with the article in hand, I had recently been focusing on the valuable content at You Tube and Google Vidie so I felt go to You Tube and see what is there. Well me an 20 million other people over the past year or so wanted to watch the auditon of Paul Potts for the Britian’s  Got Talent show, which is similar to American Idol. So I was able to watch the video as many times as I wanted and find addditional information about this man who was a frog that became a king – a king of opera Mr. Paul Potts.

That alone was a great example of manifesting something that you have a powerful feeling about. But it gets better – much better. While watching the video clip I had a very strong feeling to go and to buy two tickets. I live alone and am not dating anyone. Most people I know are not ones that I felt would be interested in seeing Paul Potts. People who know me would say they never heard me listen to or talk about opera. That would be true. I enjoy a lot of different types of music. Opera has not been on my list. But I knew I was going to this concert. Here is what happened in 24 hours:

Checked Tampa Theatre on line for tickets. The notice said limited availability (can you spell none to be found.:

Ticket Master – no inventory of tickets at any price.

eBay where you can find anything right – no tickets for Tampa

Three other major ticket broker sites – no tickets for Tampa

So I was thinking – I am going and it will be very interesting to see how these tickets appear. At that instant I was inspired to look at Craigs List in the tickets for sale section. Did that and none were being advertised. But I knew on Craigs list I could post an ad so I entered my add in the ticket for sale section that I wanted two tickets – not just any tickets but center stage and not too far back. Posted it and said – OK God it is now your move.

Five hours later I receive an email from a lady and she had two tickets center stage 13 rows back. Sunday, 24 hours after posting the ad and with 8 hours left before the concert, I had in my posession two tickets. In my ego driven consciousness days I would have said “against all odds” which was a song by the way sung by The Three Graces at the concert which will be the topic of another post. Truly awesome. Now in my Source driven consciousness, I just lean back, smile and know Divine Love responds to the energy we send out. The energy I was sending out came right back to me manifest as I had imagined it.

That is not the final chapter. Remember I had no date. A lady who I am still good friends with and whom I am very comfortable with kept coming to mind. So I invited my former wife and she said “what time should I be ready”?. Perfect.

As for the concert, I think what gave me such a strong feeling to attend was when I was watching the video seeing the expressions on the judges faces when Paul Potts sang for the first time. Keep in mind the judges are people who see a lot of performers. Paul brought tears to Amanda’s eys and Simon bascically transformed from a person not interested to someone totally involved and moved. I wanted to see hear the voice of the person who could do that.

Paul Potts exceeded my expectations and brought joy to the “not a seat in the house” crowd. He voice is magical. He is very personable. When he talks to you it is like talking with someone you have grown up with and have known for a long time. Paul Potts openly says he simply hoped he could just do what he loves to do – sing. Paul Potts is doing it and I for one along with a growing list of a lot of other people are very grateful Paul won the coin toss. ( Paul talks about lacking self – confidence and when he learned of Britain’s Got Talent he was to scared to try. But he had a strong desire to sing so he pulled out a coin and made a bet with himself.  He tossed the coin and the rest is history — in the making.)

Steve Pohlit
Prosperity Messenger

Did You Notice The Song When Paul Potts Advanced To The Next Round

When Paul Potts, who I wrote about in a recent blog (if you do not know this story Click Here Now) was waiting for the decision on whether he advanced to the next round, a song started playing the background and then became more pronounced as the announced was made that he was advancing. I love that song and couldn’t place the artist. Guess what I found and another example of the Law of Attraction working perfectly.

Steve Pohlit
Prosperity Messenger

Why Is There Still So Much Pain?

If someone would have told me a year ago that I would be spending 15 to 20 hours a week researching material, attending classes, teaching classes focused on the theme The Law of Attraction I would have aggressive suggested the admit themselves for psychiatric evaluation. Now some who have known me think I am in need of such an evaluation.

My reality is that not long ago I began looking for answers as to why there was so much crap in my life. On top of that it seemed to me there was even more crap in those I observed and often read about.

In my research I found what seemed to be answers to being happy and manifesting all you dream and desire. I loved the books I was reading, the movies I watched, the inspirational stories and video clips. I thought surely I was going to be on top of the world with this information. But I wasn’t and I noticed nobody else seemed to be taking that coveted on top of the world spot even though the experts were appearing on Oprah, Late Night TV, Specials and more.

I am not always the fastest person to draw the connection. So it really wasn’t until recently that I started seriously asking the question: with technology delivering the message of The Secret and Enlightened thinking and with churches like I now attend delivering messages on the principles of prosperity in all areas of our life to increasingly larger numbers of people, why is it that there is still so much pain? Why is it that the divorce rate continues to climb? Why is it that parents abandon their repsponsibility in increasing numbers? Why is it that our educational systems suck? Why is it that in America we have given up so much of our freedom?

I have the answer for me and I feel it is likely to be the answer for you. In a nutshell we are not taught how to change ourselves even though we are not manifesting all that we dream and desire which is the theme of The Law of Attraction. I refer to this change as a shift to a new consciousness.

The Prosperity Now Program I developed started out as simply a way for a small group of people to explore the principles of prosperity at a deeper level and experiment with a technique I developed to help all of us do that. The techinque is supported by my product The Prosperity Tool Chest.

During the course of the past three or four months of this program I began to realize just how significant this work has become. I also realized I had unlocked the code to The Law of Attraction. My most recent session title The Real Secret details the important lost link or at least ignored link. Read this material right now. You will be very happy you did.

May you manifest all your dreams and desires now
Steve Pohlit
Your Prosperity Messenger

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