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Gary Stadler and The Daily Ohm

In a recent Prosperity Now Program session I discussed having an “ego at war” day and what happened that resulted in me discovering this music. What is important for this most is the music.
Steve Pohlit
Prosperity Messenger

(the description is published by The Daily Ohm)

As if conjured up from some dark but fragrant corner of the universal mind comes the music of Gary Stadler. An electronics engineer who started the album originally as a present for his girlfriend, Stadler was just playing around in his spare time.

Friends with a small label heard it and urged him to keep going and make something for the label, which he did for three years. The result is Fairy of the Woods, an album with so much heart and simplicity that you will want to drop your worldly concerns and possessions and just dive into the beauty, perhaps never to return.

The music speaks for itself and works in a gorgeous, unpretentious way. A dash of prime Enya floats over it, but in general this is simply gorgeous background music, ideal for taking a nap or driving through a beautiful countryside. The album opens with the sound of a glade at nightfall, with crickets and then a softly gliding piano line, which gradually expands out like ripples along a still pond, waking the fairies to their dance. The title track is a dreamy sea of overlapping and intertwining keyboard melodies, a wash of glowing synthesizer over alternating, simple piano melodies with soft chime and string touches.

“Pool of Light” brings you into the fairy chamber at last. Cascades of harpsichord add a sense of courtly propriety and decorum, signaling perhaps that the dreaming and waking part of your fairyland slumber has come to a close and that it is time to meet the queen herself. There’s no need to worry or hastily straighten your cap and tie, though. Here there is nothing but gentleness, magic, and the essence of undemanding love. If you let it, the music can take you far away so fast that you may never want to return. It can give your spirit wings and make the tired old world of mortal strife fade like ants and anthills as you embrace the fluffy clouds of Celtic majesty. But all things fade, even the eternal castles of the fairies must vanish with the coming sun. At album’s end, Stadler strikes a melancholy note of sadness, the inevitable follow-up to so much tranquil and rewarding joy. Just as mortals must shuffle off to bed at the call of night, so must the fairies in your heart and mind shuffle off at the dawn’s first rays. Fear not, sad-eyed reveler, this album is not going anywhere, except maybe in your special case of favorites.

Why Is There Still So Much Pain?

If someone would have told me a year ago that I would be spending 15 to 20 hours a week researching material, attending classes, teaching classes focused on the theme The Law of Attraction I would have aggressive suggested the admit themselves for psychiatric evaluation. Now some who have known me think I am in need of such an evaluation.

My reality is that not long ago I began looking for answers as to why there was so much crap in my life. On top of that it seemed to me there was even more crap in those I observed and often read about.

In my research I found what seemed to be answers to being happy and manifesting all you dream and desire. I loved the books I was reading, the movies I watched, the inspirational stories and video clips. I thought surely I was going to be on top of the world with this information. But I wasn’t and I noticed nobody else seemed to be taking that coveted on top of the world spot even though the experts were appearing on Oprah, Late Night TV, Specials and more.

I am not always the fastest person to draw the connection. So it really wasn’t until recently that I started seriously asking the question: with technology delivering the message of The Secret and Enlightened thinking and with churches like I now attend delivering messages on the principles of prosperity in all areas of our life to increasingly larger numbers of people, why is it that there is still so much pain? Why is it that the divorce rate continues to climb? Why is it that parents abandon their repsponsibility in increasing numbers? Why is it that our educational systems suck? Why is it that in America we have given up so much of our freedom?

I have the answer for me and I feel it is likely to be the answer for you. In a nutshell we are not taught how to change ourselves even though we are not manifesting all that we dream and desire which is the theme of The Law of Attraction. I refer to this change as a shift to a new consciousness.

The Prosperity Now Program I developed started out as simply a way for a small group of people to explore the principles of prosperity at a deeper level and experiment with a technique I developed to help all of us do that. The techinque is supported by my product The Prosperity Tool Chest.

During the course of the past three or four months of this program I began to realize just how significant this work has become. I also realized I had unlocked the code to The Law of Attraction. My most recent session title The Real Secret details the important lost link or at least ignored link. Read this material right now. You will be very happy you did.

May you manifest all your dreams and desires now
Steve Pohlit
Your Prosperity Messenger

Fall Into This Trap And Manifestation Is Highly Unlikely

At the most recent session of Prosperity Now, the following story was used as an analogy:

In the late 90’s I realized that tools for helping companies grow and entrepreneurs more easily start new businesses were being developed at a rapid pace. I was fascinated by what was developing in the on line world and that fascination continues today.

Part of my learning was the purchase of seats at seminars, books, programs, CD sets and more. I have invested a lot of money in my professional development and rarely feel that a purchase or time spent was not a good investment.

Interestingly enough, there are a handful of fundamentals that remain as pervasive skills that a person serious in using internet tools needs to learn and master. I continue to be exposed to these fundamentals with new material I purchase. Do I tire of this repetition? Absolutely not because I still feel I have not mastered some of them.

However, many others who also make similar investments of time and money often to not make the transition from research and study to doing. I have and continue at times fallen into the trap of thinking that the newest training program will be the key that opens the door to massive achievement of my abundance goals. Of course it is not and I quickly realize those areas of my professional life where I am not hitting on all engine cylinders and it is because of ignoring action on one or more key fundamentals.

Several years ago I concluded the formula I was following for my life was not working so well and I needed another plan. I am a classic case of “when the student is ready the teacher will appear” Many teachers appeared and I immersed myself into wonderful material by Catherine Ponder, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, and many others.

That intellectual development formed the foundation for the next step. I became a facilitator of a new thought program. That work evolved into the development of The Prosperity Now program.

A marvelous awakening occurred for me in developing the Prosperity Now series. I discovered how simple the answer to prosperity really is to describe. I found the answer in one of the Universal Laws that is not widely discussed in-depth.

Recently, when I announced that I would be spending three weeks on this one topic one person decided not to participate as they had already read about the the application of this Law. I was relieved that there was an awareness that this material was not new. Outside of personal interpretation, the material I cover has been around for ages. The person went on to describe a number of new programs and books that they had purchased and were now reading. These reasons were given for not joining a wonderful group with a growing energy of enlightenment. I am still smiling hearing one lady beaming the words “I am completely different now because of this program and I am so happy.”

Let there be no misunderstanding. I completely support reading new material, attending new classes, attending spiritual churches and meetings. However, for those of you who want to know, I demonstrate in this particular session of Prosperity Now that you do not have to be a scholar, you do not have to have a graduate degree or have lived the life of a cloistered monk to understand the key that cracks the code to prosperity in all areas of your life all the time. You will very quickly understand the key to cracking the code of the Law of Attraction.

Those in attendance know that not only did I clearly describe this key, I gave everyone the exact easy to follow formula for their own key for their lives. I warn you that this does not manifest for most people by reading a book, attending a seminar or going to church and I support all of those activities and participate in all of them myself. However, most of us must take action to manifest the key for your life. There are really less than a handful of steps to consistently follow. Click Here for this priceless lesson where the only charge is your personal energy devoted to this topic.

May you have prosperous health, wealth, happiness and peace – all the time.

Your Prosperity Messenger

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