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The Prosperity Automated System.... #1 Home Based Business

By Theo Powers

The Prosperity Automated System (PAS) is a fully automated business utilizing search engine pay-per-click advertising with over 8,000 targeted keywords. In addition to promoting itself, PAS can be used to promote any other business. Every second, thousands of Internet users are using search engines (Google),(YAHOO), (MSN) to look for work-from-home opportunities.
PAS uses a sophisticated software to rotate the member's PAS site hyperlinked in the advertisement. When searchers click on the advertisement, the software qualifies and sorts the prospects to find the interested ones.

Only the professional Team Leaders contact the interested prospects. Team Leaders close the sales for members who earn $3,000 or $1,100 per sale after the first qualifying sale that goes to the person who introduced the member to PAS.

Prosperity Automated System (PAS) solves all these challenges; the system finds and sorts the prospects, and closes the sales for you. You earn immediate significant retail profits without your involvement in the sales process.

How would YOU like a home-based business, where you do
NO Prospecting ... NO Advertising ... NO Selling ...

NO answering questions ... NO Speaking to prospects ...

and make absolutely NO telephone calls? The revolutionary (non-MLM) Prosperity Automated System (PAS) is currently helping thousands of ordinary people around the world to generate themselves a substantial income, and fulfill their lifelong dreams of total financial independence ... without all the drawbacks of a conventional business - and without the fear of rejection. No other business comes close to PAS. Check it out by clicking the link below.

The Prosperity Automated System....Featured on CNN and Discovery Channel. Rated the #1 Home Based Business

Article Courtesy of : Steve Pohlit Author: The 10 Minute MBA Steve Pohlit has more than 20 years experience successfully running companies large and small. Steve now develops and implements processes that will deliver improved business performance for the long term. Learn more about the process of Increasing Profits by 30% or More In 90 Days or Less by visiting or you can call 727-587-7871 and speak with Steve directly. Have a question? Click Here To Visit Ask The Consultant If you want to learn how to use a blog to build your business then register for the the free mini-course "Blogging for Profits" at Steve Reports and Blogging For Profits. Did you know you can make a ton of money by referring a business that converts to consulting project? Just thought I'd mention that. Steve Pohlit, Business Development Consultant


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