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The Importance Of A Prosperity Roadmap

Have you ever take a course in prosperity? Has anyone ever taught you as a child or even ever in your life to this point the principles of prosperity? For most of us, we have an idea that prosperity means a lot of money, dream homes, travel wherever we want to go, beautiful clothes, wonderful things and more.

Randy Gage starts many of his presentations with the words: "It is a sin to be poor!" He immediately gives credit for this statement that some are shocked to hear to Charles Fillmore, the co-founder of the Unity Movement. Randy and other prosperity and spirituality leaders explain teach us the prosperity goes far beyond material wealth. And while we have a birthright to have the material wealth we desire, material things alone do not constitute prosperity.

Just visit a private room in a hospital with a wealthy person suffering from a physical ailment and ask that person what is most important to them now. Talk with a wealthy man or woman who has just been told by their spouse they are no longer loved and they want a divorce. Ask them what is most important to them now. Ask a child of wealthy parent who calls to say they will be home again late or will not be able to make the child's soccer match or play what is most important now.

I make no judgments as to what you should have or do. Like many I can spend my days looking backward and focusing on all the "should have's." While at times I find myself doing that, I thank god for Randy Gage, Catherine Ponder, Joe Vitale, Rev. Temple Hayes, Depak Chopra, Rev. Edwene Gaynes, Dr.Wayne Dyer, Sandra Anne Taylor and others for providing guidance.

When The Student Is Ready The Teacher Will Appear

In April 2005 I was sitting in an office which was once the office of the person had been my wife. I She had told me then that she wanted to finalize a divorce. My daughter who had always been the light of my life, would not speak to me following a tumultuous visit during the week of her 20st birthday. A client that represented a very good source of income suddenly decided to stop the project.

I am on the mailing lists of a number of successful business people including internet marketers. I had received notice of a book being released by Joe Vitale "The Attractor Factor" which is all about what you experience is a result of what you attract. That book led me to Randy Gage and others. I remember listening to Randy's story of bankruptcy, jail, being shot and more. I will never forget his conclusion. He said "who was the one person always at the scene of the crime?" At that moment I realized I was responsible for everything in my life and it was time to move forward accepting the responsibility for everyone and every event that happened.

That realization resulted in me continuing to become a person I like better than the person I have been. "There are no ordinary moments." Even the darkest of times are a blessing. In the physical plane, we can choose to be prosperous all the time. It take work. But if if you accept the principle that the source of everything about how we feel is how we think, then by becoming totally aware of what we are thinking about and beginning to think as our true spiritual self, we will live our prosperous birthright. We will experience prosperous health, happiness, relationships, financial prosperity and more.

This site is all about the roadmap I am on and some of what is offered here may be a source of prosperity enlightenment for you.


The God Within Me Greats and Recognizes The God Within You.

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